Virginia Higher Education Law Attorney

Virginia Higher Education Law Attorney
If you are having a problem with education-related issues at your college or university, you could benefit from having an experienced higher education law attorney on your side. Dealing with education problems on your own can interfere with what’s really important—learning. Hiring a higher education law attorney allows you to focus on your school work while your attorney works on resolving your issues with the university.

A higher education law attorney can help college and university students with issues such as grade disputes, accusations of academic dishonesty, and expulsion. If you are facing administrative hearings related to the school’s code of conduct, a higher education law attorney can work to resolve the matter through negotiations.

In some cases, the university may say that you are not allowed to have an attorney present at your administrative hearing; however, a higher education law attorney may work behind the scenes by consulting on the matter at hand, reviewing documents and preparing you for the hearing. Your attorney can even advise you how to proceed after a decision has been made.

Not all students learn the same way. If you face special challenges because of a learning disability, such as dyslexia or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and the school is not making accommodations, a higher education law attorney can be your advocate. Your attorney can work with the university to develop an appropriate plan that addresses your learning challenges. If the school is uncooperative, a formal complaint could be filed with a state or government agency that regulates education.

Students are not the only people who may be in need of higher education legal services. Professors and adjunct instructors may benefit from having a higher education law attorney consult on issues related to promotion and tenure. An attorney can also help with grievances and resolutions.

If you are facing a higher education law problem in Virginia, please contact Attorney Jeff C. Martin today. Mr. Martin is passionate about helping students and faculty have a positive experience within the world of academics.

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