Virginia Mental Health Defense Attorney

Virginia Mental Health Defense Attorney
Mental health problems affect a large number of children; unfortunately, research shows that only 20% of those affected by mental illness receive the necessary treatment. Children with an emotional disability may be eligible for specialized educational services. If your son or daughter is not receiving an appropriate education from your school district, speak with an experienced Virginia mental health defense attorney.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has created regulations and guidelines designed to help students with a learning or emotional disability. An individualized education program (IEP) should be developed in order for your child to receive the education services he or she requires. However, to receive an IEP, your child must first qualify for the program. A Virginia mental health defense attorney can help you prepare to request these special services by reviewing documents and evaluation reports. Your attorney can also ensure you meet all of the necessary deadlines and file the correct paperwork.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of an individualized educational program meeting, or if your child is denied services, a mental health attorney will work with the school to develop a positive resolution. If one cannot be reached, the attorney may file a complaint with the appropriate government agency.

Sometimes mental health issues can lead to problems within the school. If your child is facing expulsion related to an emotional disability, an attorney can ensure that your child receives fair treatment. Your attorney may also work with the school in order to get your child services necessary to complete his or her education.

Dealing with a child with emotional issues can be difficult for the whole family. An experienced mental health attorney can work with you to make decisions on the best plan of action for your child. Your attorney can also help you find resources that can help coordinate services to help your child.

Attorney Jeff C. Martin offers compassionate legal services to children and families dealing with mental health issues in Virginia. Please contact Mr. Martin to discuss how a Virginia mental health defense attorney can help your family during this difficult time.

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