Virginia Special Education Law Attorney

Virginia Special Education Law Attorney
Both the state and federal government have created laws and regulations in order to ensure that all children receive an education. When a child has a learning disability or special needs, specialized instruction may be necessary. If you feel as though your child’s school is not meeting his or her educational needs, you may need to speak with a Virginia special education law attorney.

Children with learning disabilities benefit from having an individualized education program (IEP). In order to receive an IEP, you must first go through the IEP process, which can be extremely complex. By having an experienced special education law attorney on your side, you can ensure that you meet all of the requirements and deadlines necessary in order to obtain the services your child requires.

A special education law attorney can review your child’s evaluation reports in order to determine the special services that may be required. Your attorney can also be your advocate during IEP meetings, resolution meetings, and placement determinations. By hiring a special education law attorney, your child’s needs may be addressed more quickly.

After your child’s IEP has been developed, a team will meet with you to create an action plan in order to provide the appropriate accommodations and services. The IEP is then reviewed on an annual basis. If you believe that your child’s program is not being implemented, an attorney will work on your behalf to ensure it is corrected.

If your child is denied special education services, or if you disagree with the decision made in an IEP meeting, a special education law attorney can negotiate with the school in order to reach a positive resolution. If the matter cannot be resolved, an attorney can help you file complaints with the state or federal government or request a due process hearing.

Even college students can benefit from having a special education law attorney on their side. An attorney can ensure that the college or university accommodates students with learning disabilities, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and dyslexia.

Jeff C. Martin is an advocate for children’s rights to an education. He provides compassionate legal representation to parents and children in need of specialized education services.  To learn more about how a Virginia special education law attorney can help your case, please contact Mr. Martin today.

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