Virginia Teacher and Faculty Defense Attorney

Virginia Teacher and Faculty Defense Attorney
If you are a teacher, professor, or adjunct instructor facing issues related to education law, a Virginia teacher and faculty defense attorney may be able to help. Teachers and professors face a wide range of issues inside and outside of the classroom, and an attorney who is experienced with education law can help you resolve these problems so you can focus on teaching.

Attorney Jeff C. Martin is an experienced Virginia teacher and faculty defense attorney. Whether your problem is related to tenure, contracts, or something as serious as a lawsuit, Mr. Martin will act as your advocate in order to reach the best outcome possible.

The goal of many college professors is to achieve tenure, which provides increased job security, allowing them to focus on conducting research and teaching. If you are having problems with promotions and tenure at your university, an education law attorney can help guide you. Mr. Martin may review documents that are related to promotions and tenure and advise you through the grievance or resolution process.

While many grade school teachers belong to a union that can help negotiate contracts, many college-level professors and instructors do not. An education law attorney can help you negotiate with the administration in order to create a contract that is in the best interest of both parties. Mr. Martin will ensure that your rights are upheld during this process.

When a lawsuit is filed against a school or teacher, hiring an experienced attorney is crucial. Education law attorneys are familiar with the intricacies of lawsuits related to schools and universities, and can build a solid case in your defense. One of the potential risks in a lawsuit is that you could lose your teaching career forever. A skilled faculty defense attorney can increase your chances of a positive outcome.

If you are a teacher facing legal issues, please contact a Virginia teacher and faculty defense attorney today. Mr. Martin will review your case in order to advise you on the next steps you should take. He will handle your legal problems so you can get back to doing what you love—teaching.

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